I'm Michelle, Photographer & Videographer from Melbourne, Australia. 


I find capturing weddings pretty enjoyable. I'm a big people person and I find getting to know more about the couple and their guests a real pleasure. As I watch the events of the wedding unfold so does the story of two people coming together.

I like to keep things relaxed and upbeat, but please don't fret when I camouflage myself in garden beds, hang off fences and even disguise my camera as a dance partner. I just really, badly want that killer shot.


I will be forced to use my ninja stealth to capture the candid moments, details and the sneaky secrets of the day. But I understand how important those mantle piece shots are for Mum and Dad, the one's that the Grandparents keep in the pool room.

In the end it's all about the beautiful results of all the hard work the couple has put into their day and the smiles that beam on family and friends' faces by being a part of it.


 I work with short videos (1-10min) for web purposes. This can range from the coverage of an event to a short promotional video for a small business.

The entire process is undertaken by myself.  I will prepare, shoot and edit the entire project. So  you only have to communicate with one person to convey your idea.

I shoot video from a photographer's perspective which gives my videos depth and aesthetic flair. 

I make sure the video has the right look for the project by sending an online preview of the first edit for feedback and review. 
After taking into account your feedback I send back a final video for you to approve.

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