Hey there! My name’s Michelle Jarni and I’m an Australian photographer and videographer based in Melbourne.

I am a colour QUEEN and GIF Goddess. Don’t be surprised if you find me dancing like an absolute fiend or digging into drool-worthy Japanese food (I have a bowl of ramen tattooed to my arm, love is love).

So what gets me up in the morning?

Knowing that, through my work, I get to tell my story and others’ in a unique way. I LOVE beginning with an idea and working as a team to create something special!

I shoot and edit content for brands such as ANZ, Peroni, Dulux, Ford, Eventbrite, Urban List, Ian Potter Museum, Lindt, Tourism Victoria, Brown Brothers, Strangelove, Two Birds Brewing, Sidekicker, Goodman Wines, Hunter Lab, WGSN, Trofeo Estate, Warramunda Estate, and MIFF (to name a few).

Some of my favourite projects include working with The Urban List on food shoots. Take a look at these pics I took for Melbourne’s best French fries—drooling yet? I also enjoyed working with Lindt Australia because it meant a FULL day of shooting chocolate. Dream come true? You know it!  

I also shoot weddings, travel, portraits, and events—but honestly—if it feels right, I’ll do it.

Working with me is like hanging out with your favourite Aunty—it'll be a bit cheeky but I'll always take care of you. I make rainbows and go above and beyond the minimum. If you are looking to create content that dances on the knife’s edge of ohhh so sweet and spicy—I’m your girl.


It might be hard to describe what you’re looking for, but fear not! I’ll dive deep into your brain to translate your specific vision in order to make electric imagery for your brand. Let's blow some minds and maybe (definitely) tickle a funny bone in the process! Get in touch!

I offer:

  • Photography and/or video business branding packages

  • Social media content creation

  • Photo and video-based animation: GIF, HD boomerangs and cinemagraph creation

  • Wedding photography and video

  • Unicorns

Lucky for you, I’m available for commission and freelance. Take a look at my Instagram to see more of me and my projects. And don’t forget to say hi! I can’t promise I don’t bite.